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2,153 views Feb 14, 2011
A Love Romance in Mosaic: Four Seasons by Marc Chagall

A modern love romance in time for Valentine's Day is portrayed for Spring in a colorful mosaic designed by Marc Chagall, reminiscent of stained glass windows displaying the Four Seasons at the Chase Tower Plaza.

               A sideview of the Four Seasons, featuring this gift for the City of Chicago created by artist Marc Chagall.  Four Seasons is a mosaic mural rectangle measuring 70 feet (21 meters) long, 14 feet (4.3 meters) high, and 10 feet (3 .0 meters) wide.  This masterpiece was dedicated to the City of Chicago as a gift of love and friendship by Marc Chagall on September 27, 1974. 
                                      Four Seasons by Marc Chagall (1972)      

       Sunlight Bathes Four Seasons in Sunshine at the Chase Tower Plaza


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