Hosting Exchange Students

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Led by - Jamie Withem
Host - Youth for Understanding USA
YFU is a nationwide program with regional staff & local volunteers to support every family and student. <br

YFU USA is looking for people with international interests to consider hosting high school students for either a semester or a school year. Students bring their own spending money for outings with friends, have health insurance through the YFU program, speak English, and have a YFU support person assigned to them for questions and mentoring for both the student and the family throughout the program. <br /><br />Families must provide a bed (students can share a room with a same sex sibling between the ages of 10-22), help with transportation to events (our students are not permitted to operate motor vehicles), three meals a day to include school lunches (you don't have to cook every meal, as long as they have access to food themselves), and commit to attending four required support meetings during the course of the exchange. <br />


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