Be Special III: Standing Out in the Language Services Industry

Event Details

Led by - Suzanne Deliscar
Host - Suzanne E. Deliscar
June 7, 2012 2:00 PM EEST

The "Be Special" course series is taught by a lawyer-linguist who has combined her unique qualities to build her translation business. Be Special III builds on the Be Special and Be Special II webinars presented in 2010 and 2011, respectively. The following topics will be discussed:<br />1. Why Be Special?<br />2. Discovering your Special Qualities<br />3. Your Marketing Materials - Make Sure They Remember You <br />4. How to Build Your Special Personal Brand through Social Media<br />5. Your 30 Second Informercial Makes You Special<br />6. How to Respond to the Question: "You Do This AND That?"<br />7. Becoming Unique Through Your Work and Areas of Expertise<br />At the end of this course, language professionals should be able to understand the basics of how to become memorable in the eyes of their clients and colleagues.<br />This course is 60 minutes in duration.

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